“Always Question. Forever Wonder.” 



Joe Martin (born 8 January 1988) is better known as Moemario. His work has been noted for its visionary style,  preoccupation with themes of idealism and mortality, along with its optimism of a united humanity.


“I was raised by two creative parents surrounded in a very grounded environment. As an infant I seemed to refuse to talk and didn’t utter my first word until I was 3. However, what I did do was sketch. I drew the world around me and I acknowledged my imagination very early on in life. Expressing myself through various art forms became more natural to me than I could have ever realised.


Growing up I used to have a sketchbook with me at all times. I would invent seascapes, sketch faces, and study objects all the time. During lessons throughout education, I would doodle in the back of books and when I ran out of paper, I would happily draw on my hands and arms. I remember My maths teacher throwing me a new book to fill every other lesson. Art was beginning to overshadow everything.


By the time I was living in London, creating for big Hollywood films and seeing my work onscreen, it became apparent that this way of life was all consuming. Finding myself increasingly missing out on ‘human’ things, certain aspects of daily life no longer registered on my spectrum anymore and it was only a matter of time, before it all unravelled. Contacts were made while friends were being lost. Something had to change. I had to split the compulsion from the human being.”


It wasn’t until 2016 that the orbed figure of Moemario appeared. This visitor to Earth.  Without a human face, it is the creative side embodied for Joe. For the world Moemario is a figure head beyond reproach. A mirror to humanity. Since it’s inception there are now projects that expand across industries. From traditional arts all the way through to film and audio. Cosmos sees the introduction 360 degree paintings matched with a storyline and score. The story of what happens to Moemario, after Joe Martin has passed.



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